Ultimate Setup: Samsung Galaxy S6

Philips Fidelio M2BT headphones (RM1,482)

These award-winning Bluetooth headphones let you cut the cord and leave pesky tangled cables behind for good. They sound divine, have the looks to match the S6's handsome features, and have memory foam cushions for extra comfort too. Built-in mics make hands-free calls a doddle, and you can use a supplied cable to carry on listening if the rechargeable battery runs out while you're out and about.

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Microsoft Band (RM913)

If you're a fitness fan then the Microsoft Band is one of the best health trackers out there at the moment. It works with Android, pinging call, email and text alerts to your wrist, as well as standard notifications too. While the S6 does have a built-in heart rate sensor, the Band measures your heart rate continuously throughout the day to give you a better overall picture. It's got in-built GPS powers too, which means you can leave your S6 snoozing safely at home while you're out and about tracking your run.

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Official wireless charging pad (RM265)

Samsung's official wireless charging pad looks futuristic and lets you ditch annoying cables and blindly fumbling around for ports in the dark for good. It automatically shuts off when it detects that the S6 is fully charged too, making it more energy efficient.

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Power Theory portable charger (RM129)

This portable charger has a generous 10,000mAh capacity which should be good enough to fully fill up your S6 from scratch at least two times. It's got two USB ports for multiple device charging too, and it uses ultra-thin polymer battery packs to cut down on bulk and weight.

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Jawbone Jambox Mini (RM1,271)

The S6's speakers are lovely and loud, despite their seemingly small size, but they still can't beat a dedicated speaker. This mini offering from Jawbone is small enough to slip into your pocket, and is available in a host of lovely colours and different patterns, making its premium all-metal shell nicely compliment your S6, no matter what colour handset you went for.

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