Ultimate Setup: LG G4

Just picked up an LG G4? Then you’ll be needing these 10 amazing accessories

Sure, the leather-backed, souped-up LG G4 is good on its own but what if it could be better? What if it could be... supercharged?

All it takes is a few accessories here and there - and we know just the gadgets to make it so...

Quick Circle Case (RMTBC)

Unlike some of its rival flagships (**cough** HTC One M9, **cough** iPhone 6), the G4 is perfectly capable of charging wirelessly if teamed with the right accessories.

Whether you go for the leather, metallic plastic or ceramic variety, none of the G4's standard backs can charge wirelessly, so one thing you'll definitely need is LG's own Quick Circle Case. As well as bestowing cable-free juicing on it, it's a pretty nifty case in its own right, with a circular cut-out on the front which gives you access to a few basic apps and a clock.

The other thing you'll need is a charging pad. The G4 is Qi-enabled, which means you can use any compatible pad. LG will likely have several options of their own if you don't mind waiting a while.

Gorilla Pod Tripod (£24 (RM140))

You can take 30-second long exposures using the LG G4’s beefy new camera set up, but they won’t come out looking much good unless you use a tripod to capture them.

Gorilla Pod’s stands have legs you can wrap around branches and other places that are otherwise impossible to balance on (and their grips are adjustable, so you can use them with other phones too).

Buy the GorilaPod Original Tripod here but you'll need the GripTight Mount as well, so get that here

Netflix subscription (US$8.99 (RM35))

Make the most of the LG G4’s swish screen with an HD Netflix subscription. It’s a little more money per month than the SD version, but spending the extra does mean you can stream stellar dramas like House Of Cards in glorious HD (provided you’ve got enough data left on your plan).

Sign up to Netflix now

Tempered Glass Screen protector (RMTBC)

To make the most of the Netflix subscription, you’ll want to keep that screen blemish-free. A tempered glass screen protector ups the ante from the plastic covers you’re used to; not only does it feel nicer under the finger, it also provides a bit more protection too.

LG G Watch Urbane (£236 (RM1360))

Is a smartwatch going to fundamentally change your life? No. But once you enhance your smartphone experience with one, you'll find it hard to go back to a regular dumb timepiece. There are plenty of Android Wear options to choose from now, and LG's own G Watch Urbane, available in silver and gold, should compliment the G4 rather nicely. Its minimalist design surpasses that of the original G Watch, and it retains an impressive (for a smartwatch) one and a half day's worth of battery life.

Buy the LG G Watch Urbane here