Ultimate Setup: Apple iPad Pro

Everything you need to make your trusty iPad Pro the happiest tablet on your street

If you haven't got an Apple iPad Pro or iPad Pro 9.7, then this probably isn't a corner of the internet you're going to be very interested in. But hey, nice seeing your face all the same.

If, however, you're reading this on Apple's gargantuan 12.9in slate (or its smaller 9.7in brother), then welcome. 

You may, of course, be interested in snapping one up if you haven't done so already, but in either case, we hope the accessories below will help enhance your iPad Pro experience even more.

From official Apple Pencils to noise-killing headphones, we hope you find the following gear useful:

Targus Versavu Rotating case (RM240)

Some men just want to watch the world burn. And others like having their tablets in portrait mode. Before you knock them for being heretics though, some things - like tapping out a best-selling novel - are performed more comfortably on portrait screens.

Thankfully this Targus stand case lets you easily switch between orientations, flipping you from writing your memoirs to watching Bob Ross' soothing teachings on Netflix in seconds.

Buy the Targus Versavu case for the iPad Pro


Apple Pencil (RM470)

Yes, Apple’s stylus is ludicrously expensive at RM470, but it is rather clever. It’s pressure sensitive for starters, letting you create thinner or thicker lines, depending on how hard you’re pressing it down.

Moving it at an angle also creates a shading effect, and a 15-second charge (directly into the iPad Pro’s Lightning adaptor) should provide enough juice for half an hour’s worth of doodling.

It’s probably not worth getting if you’re only going to draw stick men, but if you’re one of those arty creative types forever faffing around with latte milk art, you’ll definitely want to give this a go.

Buy the Apple Pencil here

Official Lightning HDMI Adapter (RM230)

Okay, so we’re not going to try and spin this into some super exciting accessory. It’s a bland white adaptor, that does nothing more than output your iPad Pro’s screen and sound to a larger TV or monitor - and being an official Aple accessory, it's also on the pricey side.

That doesn’t mean it’s not useful though. Hotels, motels, Holiday Inns - the world of business trips is now your oyster, letting you play back your stored media or work more comfortably wherever you are. Well, assuming you’ve got a HDMI cable with you, that is.

Buy the Official Lightning HDMI Adapter

Logitech Create Keyboard Case (RM1150)

Apple’s own official iPad Pro keyboard case is lovely, but Logitech’s offering bests it, thanks to its backlit keys.

These will be a godsend if you’re anything like us, working into the twilight hours, tapping away as the screen as the dimming light slowly saps away at the very core of your soul…

Oh, there are dedicated iOS shortcuts for search and media playback, and it’ll make sure your iPad Pro survives any nasty drops, thanks to a hardy rear cover.

Logi's case above only fits the larger 12.9in pro, but Zagg sells a similar RM420 keyboard case for the 9.7in pro too.

Buy the Logitech Create Keyboard case for the 12.9in iPad Pro 

Buy the Zagg Folio case for the iPad Pro 9.7


Moxiware Apple Pencil Charging Dock (US$30, ~RM120)

Do you really need a charging dock for your Apple Pencil? No, of course you don’t.

However - will this classy anodised aluminium cylinder - which displays your Pencil and its cap in a manner which makes it worthy of its own plinth in the Tate Modern - make you want one anyway? Almost certainly.

Buy the Moxiware Apple Pencil charging dock