Two weeks with the Misfit Shine

Taking It A Little More Seriously

9:48am: The aftermath of a Friday night out is always bone weariness, an empty wallet and a deep sense of regret. But look! New personal best, I even got a little trophy to mark this epic achievement. Yay.

10:32am: Definitely wasn’t swimming though. Forgot to reset that. Now, if only there was a way to set the activity directly on the Shine itself.

3:25pm: Accessorising my accessory, now that’s a new shopping low, but I could really use that leather band.

6:05pm: Two weeks in and not a single charge was given. For someone who spends a good ten minutes of her day plugging in her devices, this is a very good thing.


Simply put, the Misfit Shine does what it says. We’ve seen loads of activity trackers in the market that try to do it all and fail miserably with their lack of focus. The goal-focused Shine doesn’t overpromise and underdeliver.

For someone looking to get a first look at their activity rates, the Shine is a great way to start things off before graduating to a more advanced activity tracker. While our world wasn’t exactly set on fire, the Shine made us a little more aware of our (in)activity rates in a discreet manner as there's no need to charge the device which runs on button cell batteries. And it's relatively future-proof with updated features being pushed to the device and app regularly. 

Besides, you really can’t fault the way it looks. And that’s really the whole point of it - elegant, low-key simplicity.

Wilson Wong for Techgoondu shares the sentiment. "...the Shine is certainly something one can wear either with their sports gear or their party best. It looks good without appearing like a sports junkie accessory or worse, something that comes out of a bad science fiction show."

The MisFit Shine is available for $170 (RM440) at epilife. Android users might want to put their purchase off till early next year when the accompanying app is finally ready.