Two weeks with the Misfit Shine

The Initial Infatuation

8:35am: Running late for my flight. What’s this alert? “8 minutes, 65 points, kinda active.” Looks like there’s an upside to me being late.

8:36am: Apparently, that was my personal best. Shine calls me an “over-achiever”. It’s nice to know someone feels this way, even if it’s coming from an empty mechanical soul...

10:30am: Spent the entire train ride intermittently syncing my Shine to check on my progress. Come on, glinty thing, praise me more. 

10:31am: Admittedly that was a pretty dumb thought given that I spent the entire time sitting down.

3:01pm. Finally in Bali. No Wi-Fi, can’t sync. The dot-o-meter does a nice enough job of summing up my journey towards my pre-set goal. If only there was a way to get numbers on the Shine itself. Slight moment of panic. Could this be withdrawal? 

10:05pm: Last check before bed shows that I burnt 1632 calories in 5982 steps. If anyone dares call me a sloth again, I’ll have them know my Shine begs to differ.