Two weeks with the Misfit Shine

Choice picks from our affair with the stylish time-telling activity tracker
Two weeks with the Misfit Shine

Take a peek into the diary of a (rather inactive) writer's two-week journey of demystification with the Misfit Shine. A story of frustration, revelation and a wee bit of glee with some half-baked praises from the smart accessory awaits.

The Start of Something New

4:30pm: Met John Sculley, Steve Jobs’ frenemy and part of the brains behind Misfit Wearables alongside CEO Sonny Vu, at the launch event in Singapore.

4:56pm: Paying attention to Sculley's presentation. I hear simple design… low maintenance...specialised function...Android app to be out early next year, which prompted cries of protest from the Android fans in the audience. 

5:30pm: And that’s the Misfit Shine housed in a spaceship-like container. Wait a minute, how do you even open this up? You call this simple?

5:45pm: Damn, chipped the Shine with my clumsy prying. Journalist next to me puts it on the wrong way. It definitely needs to come with better illustrations.

5:55pm: Most watches don’t normally fit my twiggy wrist but the Shine’s default sports strap does. Its watch face is also the perfect size. One for the ladies. Thank goodness Misfit Wearables’ idea of making it lady-appropriate doesn’t include pinking it.

6:01pm: How exactly do you tell the time on this?

7:30pm: Holy crap, I walked 1216 steps? You learn something new everyday.