Try and survive these 7 indie horror games

If you like Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, you'll love these

The Walking Dead was released amidst the influx of post-apocalyptic horror survival and zombie games. Now running its way to Season 3, The Walking Dead stood out from the horde for its point-and-click adventure, focusing on character development, problem-solving and most of all, emotion.

While the storyline isn’t particularly harrowing, The Walking Dead offers a well-crafted interactive world, exposing you to the ugly side of people and situations of impending doom. Decisions were life-changing and consequential – they moulded who you were and your relationships with your team. Doubt and desolation, choice and consequence… These 5 indie games will bring you close to experiencing the real thing.

Don't Starve Together (RM31)

The hit game Don't Starve gets a little less lonely with this multiplayer version. The premise of the game stays the same - you're out there in the wilderness where monsters lurk. Your only powers are your two hands and the things you can craft with them. 

The game is delightfully minimalistic. You gather resources and try to make tools of survival with them - be it a shelter or a fire. And now you get to play with friends or strangers online. Whether that's going to help or make survival more difficult, you'll find out. 

Don't Starve Together is available in the Steam store

Words by Elissa Loi

Dyscourse (RM31)

With one plane crash and thousands of possibilities, Dyscourse is an interactive choose- your-own-adventure game of Lost meets the Walking Dead. You wake up as Rita Locket, stranded on a deserted island. Finding the other remaining passengers, the team of six must work together to survive and find a way to leave the island.

Don’t be fooled by the quirky artstyle and adorable characters – jaguars, natural disasters, and weather elements will kill you. With a plethora of decisions, masked in well-scripted dialogue between the other survivors, you have to live with the heart-wrenching outcomes, unfolding events and steering the story into unexpected directions. Screwed up your current playthrough with an impulsive decision? Dycourse has a Rewind feature that allows you to start over from any of the days you’ve survived so far. 

Dyscourse is available in the Steam store.

The Long Dark (RM38)

A geomagnetic plane crash leaves you to fend for yourself in the middle of a vast, frozen wilderness. There are no zombies, but there’s something worse – Mother Nature. There will be the wolves and blizzards, and if those don't kill you, the exhaustion and hunger might.

Survival seems impossible, but every playthrough is an intense push to live just another minute more. With this notion, even the most minor of decisions matter. Should you press on in the snowstorm for supplies, with the silhouette of a cabin and the howling of a wild dog in the distance? Or will you wait it out for god knows how long, throat parched and stomach empty? 

The Long Dark is available in the Steam store.