Tough Love: Snarky apps that don't play nice

Sometimes the best motivation is a firm kick in the behind
Tough Love: Snarky apps that don't play nice

It's already March and we bet a lot of you are already behind on your resolutions.

That goal to exercise three times a week? You're still walking no further than the short trip to the fridge. Your aim to save money? Your credit card would beg to differ. All those apps you downloaded to help you achieve your goals? All neglected while you play whatever games float your boat.

So we've rounded up a few apps to get you off that saggy behind. While you're at it, get rid of that Flappy Bird game on your phone. Now. 

Yes, Drill Sergeant!

Yes, Drill Sergeant!

Fancy a bootcamp in your pocket? Then look no further than Yes, Drill Sergeant. This handy app puts virtual instructors on the task to yell at you until you start working out. This app will more likely appeal to runners who need more motivation to continue the daily slog of working out. 

The app creates workouts called 'Missions', giving you a nice variety of things to do as you get to your outdoor area. You could probably do this on a treadmill as well if running outdoors isn't your thing or you only have an iPad to launch the app. You can also keep working out to 'level up' and unlock harder missions.

While the app and workouts are free, getting a different instructor requires an in-app purchase. You can to choose from another tough army guy, the token Asian master or a hot femme fatale. 

Get it from the App Store for the great price of free. 

Carrot your way into productivity


If you need help for more than just getting fit, then download Carrot. Think Siri, but with a mile-wide mean streak. You can choose the Carrot To-Do app, the Carrot Fit app or the Carrot Alarm. All will feature an AI that believes in doling out generous amounts of sarcasm and insults.

The Carrot To-Do monitors a bunch of tasks you add to a list. Finish those tasks and your new overlord will look kindly on you. Neglect them and Carrot will be rain righteous fury upon you.

You could say the apps all work on a premise of gamification - do more tasks, lose more weight, get rewarded. But sometimes it's just as fun to screw up once in a while to see the app yell at you, including threatening to murder your kitten unless you get round to doing the dishes.

Get Carrot FitCarrot To-DoCarrot Alarm for US$1.99 (RM6.53) each from the app store.

Would you like to bet...on you?

Would you like to bet...on you?

Ever had one of those challenges where you bet with a buddy that you would quit drinking/lose weight/stop drunk-texting the ex by a certain date? Face it, you're addicted to the thrill of gambling. That's where Pact comes in. 

Make a commitment to reaching a certain target and if you fulfil it, you get paid by fellow Pact users who have been slacking off. If you don't, you'll be filling their coffers. If the prospect of losing money doesn't get you off your behind, nothing will.

Then again, for every gym rat, there's also someone who has let a gym membership flounder for months. So use Pact at your own risk.

Get Pact free on the App Store or Google Play.