Total re-wall: the 11 best sites for buying geek art

Flat looking sparser than a prison cell? Time to deck the walls with geeky artwork...

Now you've finally decided on your smartphone's wallpaper, it's time address the other blank canvas in your life - your home's bare and unadorned walls. 

But where to start? Most of us don't have thousands to splurge an original Picasso, and neither do we want to hang up a generic picture of a flower that says nothing about our exquisite geek tastes.

That's why we've rounded up our favourite sites for affordable and subtly nerdy artwork. Pick your fresh prints, then find out how to hang them properly using our guide on the last page...


1. Artfinder

If you want a painting rather than a print hanging above your fireplace, you’re probably going to have to give Sotheby’s a wide berth. Luckily, Artfinder serves up a huge selection of original paintings for prices that don’t require a Euromillions jackpot. 

Graffiti artist Dan Kitchener’s Blade Runner–esque canvases are our among the many saved to our 'favourites' list. The site also handily lets you follow favourite artists and alerts you when they put new paintings on sale.

This painting: 'City Street', Dan Kitchener (£250 (RM1,399), sold)

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2. We Are Dorothy

From classic renderings of long gone football grounds to design-led drawings of cultural hotspots like Manchester’s Hacienda, We Are Dorothy sells some of the sharpest art on the web.

Prices start at £35 for 40x50cm frameless prints, like the history of electronic music circuit board above, rising to £100 for limited edition lithos. Whatever you pick, it’ll be a step up from a blu–tacked Pulp Fiction poster.

This print: Electric Love Blueprint (£35)

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3. Cook & Becker

Video games contain some of modern art’s finest creations, so why not make your lounge a tribute to every game you’ve been debilitatingly addicted to?

This store has become the go-to haunt for prints of both classic and current games. You can pick up modern illustrations of vintage games such as Streets of Rage, or go for something more arty like this stunning Fellow Travellers print from Journey.

This print: Fellow Travellers (£95)

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4. Minalima

Set up by the prop designers behind the Harry Potter film series, Minalima sells its own original prints under different strands.

The Woop Studios range has an array of stunning images, especially for language pedants who can’t get enough of a collective noun. Think bold, colourful visualisations of A Clattering of Choughs (above) or An Opera of Canaries. Prices start at £80 for small prints.

This print: A Clattering of Choughs (from £79)

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5. East End Prints

A big supporter of emerging artists, East End Prints is the perfect destination for picking up unique works from independent designers that are a step above your average Athena fair.

The selection is vast, but Jazzberry Blue’s simple 'Solar System' print sates our inner astro-geek nicely. You’ll also find minimalist movie posters and vintage, pre-Stuff magazine covers.

This print: Solar System (£20)

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