The top 8 Netflix anime to watch out for

Renew your Netflix subscription for these exciting anime series coming soon

While you may lament at Disney's eventual departure from Netflix, there's naught to worry as the video-on-demand provider appears to have lined up several exciting anime series in 2018.

Fans of the genre are definitely in for a treat by Netflix, as they've announced tie-ups with popular anime producers such as Bones and Production I.G - known respectively for My Hero Academia and Psycho Pass. Here's our top 8 picks that we're looking forward to watching.

A.I.C.O -Incarnation

The popular apocalyptic theme strikes yet again. Set in 2035, a catastrophe coined "Burst" produced a blood-like alien form named "Matter" that leaves behind a trail of destruction in its wake.

The protagonist, Aiko Tachibana must set off to discover the truth behind the accident that caused "Burst", and in the process come to learn that she is related to the accident in a way that grants her powers like no other. This anime will be featured in Spring 2018. 


Based off the Fate/Stay series, Sieg is a Homunculus meant to provide energy for Yggdmillenia's Servants (an evil faction) to compete in the Great Holy Grail War. As the Mage's Association tries to put a stop to their nefarious ways, the only choice by doing so is to pit Servants upon others.

If you're unfamiliar to the concept of the series, a Servant is linked to a Master that feeds them magical energy to fend off foes. Typically Masters pitting themselves against each other, Fate/Aprocypha sees the combination of two factions with filled with seven Masters on one end fighting amongst the other.

Godzilla: Monster Planet

Fans of Godzilla are bound for a wild ride ahead. Toho Studios, the makers of the massive Kaijū we’ve all grown to love is back with Godzilla: Monster Planet - A three-part movie series. The premise of the movies are based on Kaijū apparently running the earth to ruin, leading the human race turning to other planets for safety.

This however does not turn out well for them, as all the other planets turn out to be all uninhabitable. The last resort, is turning back home and eliminating the monsters that run wild in their home planet, and within themselves.

Lost Song

The journey of two young girls that lead very different lives, but are connected through the power of song. Rin lives in a remote village, whereas her counterpart Finis lives within the city and spends her days alone.

They both share powers unlike no other - one that can heal injuries, the other can call upon wind and create water. Will their gifts help them overcome the imminent war? The anime will air in 2018, on Netflix.