These are the most innovative Chinese smartphones

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro - First AR-enabled smartphone

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Lenovo is the first to partner with Google to incorporate Tango into its Phab 2 Pro. Tango a new tech from Google that allows for augmented reality (AR) games and utilities. Out of the box, you can use the Phab 2 Pro’s AR apps to visualise new furniture for your home, take care of a virtual pet or play AR games. There are currently over 30 Google Tango supported apps in the Google Play Store, with more to come as AR tech improves in the future.

OnePlus 3 - High end specs at an affordable price

OnePlus was, (and still is) the phone manufacturer who shattered our belief that a high end smartphone should cost us an arm and a leg. Ever since the OnePlus One, the brand has been creating smartphones with top specs at a much more affordable price. Even when the latest OnePlus 3T doesn’t offer much improvement over the OnePlus 3, it’s still a top end phone with a sensible price, when compared to Apple and Samsung. So much so that t’s impossible not to recommend this phone to everyone.


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