These are the most innovative Chinese smartphones

Not only do these phones not follow trends, they start them

When the first few Chinese smartphones started arriving in our shores, they were ridiculed for being cheap knockoffs of brand-name flagships. But today, more people jumping ship to Chinese smartphone brands, with Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi gaining on the market share dominated by Samsung and Apple.

Why is this so? In the last few years, Chinese smartphone brands have dared to experiment and test new technologies in their latest smartphones. Their innovative models, typically packaged with mid-to-top range specs and sold at an affordable price makes it appealing to many looking to purchase a new smartphone. Here are 8 of the most interesting and innovative Chinese smartphones that have led in both technology and design. 

Lenovo CPlus - Maybe the first commercial bendable smartphone?

The next innovation in smartphones could be bendable smartphones. Samsung is reportedly gearing up to release its own for 2017, and Lenovo introduced the concept CPlus to attendees at Lenovo Tech World. The phone is able to wrap around your wrist with its segmented screen. It sports a 4.26-inch flexible display and is said to come in 12 different colours. There’s also been leaked photos of a bendable Xiaomi screen appearing on the web as well. Which brand will enter the market first?


Xiaomi Mi Mix - Bezel-less display of the future

Xiaomi was always perceived to recycle the ideas of other top phone manufacturers, but the Xiaomi Mi Mix shows the brand is looking towards the future with this innovative, edgeless design. 91.3% of the concept device’s surface is display, so with no space on the top the front camera has been moved to the bottom. With the Xiaomi Mi Mix, the brand has offered us a glimpse of what smartphones would like in the future.

Here's how to buy the limited release Xiaomi Mi Mix in Malaysia.

Oppo N3 - World’s first rotating camera

Your smartphone usually has two separate cameras, the powerful rear one and the front facing shooter for video calls and selfies. The front facing camera usually gets the short end of the stick with a lower quality camera, but what if you could have the same camera for both sides? The Oppo N3 explored this idea first with the Oppo N1, then improved it with the Oppo N3. The N3 has a 16-megapixel 206-degrees motorised rotating camera, for best quality photos on either side of the phone. Made with Schneider Kreuznach lenses, the Oppo N3 gave a new perspective to the idea of smartphone camera.