Top 7 Showcases You Need To See At The 5G Malaysia Showcase

These showcases will help you truly feel the potential of what 5G can offer

When you think of 5G, most of the time we would only consider its potential speed; instant downloads, faster streaming, better connectivity, etc. While there's no doubt that 5G can do all of that, there's more to actually look out for in 5G - a better, more connected future that could save lives, create more conveniences and may even save on cost! 

If you're doubtful or unsure on how 5G could do all that, then you have to check out the 5G Showcase in Putrajaya, open to the public from 20-21 April 2019. A number of showcases have been set up to not only show the potential of what 5G can offer, but give you a chance to test it out yourself! 

So if you're making your way to Putrajaya to check this out, here are 7 showcases you need to check out and test to truly see what 5G has to offer.

5G Automated Car - Celcom

This will be one of the first few showcases you will see upon entering the showcase. Celcom shows off their 5G Automated Car, an actual car that's outside of the building that you can test drive remotely from within the building. The car uses a combination of sensors, cameras, radar, and artificial intelligence (AI) to operate. This will not only benefit private users, but is also capable of creating a safer traffic environment and decrease congestion.

Virtual Reality Futsal - Celcom

The Virtual Reality Futsal has you using VR to stop a real ball from entering the goal behind you. The difference is that your first round is to use 4G, while the second round is 5G. Using 4G, you will notice a delay and may actually miss the ball, while in 5G the ball in real life and in VR move at the same time in real time. This shows even further how powerful 5G can be for future users.

Live 5G Drone - Huawei

Want to experience real time VR? Go over to Huawei's booth and check out the Live 5G Drone! The drone outside the building is equipped with a 360 degree camera, so when you put on the VR headset you can look around and see Putrajaya with a birds eye view in any angle you want!

Ultra Low Latency Gaming - U Mobile

You'll find a few VR booths at the 5G Showcase, and there's good reason to be excited about it. Currently it isn't possible to play VR at home because it costs too much to own one, and there's a good reason for that high price tag. The tech required to make VR work takes a lot, but with 5G that cuts down most of the hardware issue and will make VR games faster and more stable, cutting down on motion sickness. Don't believe it? You can go to U Mobile's booth and find out for yourself!

Tele-surgery - U Mobile

Along the way, you'll also see a few showcases that reveal how 5G can actually save lives. At Huawei's booth, you can see how surgeries can be performed from afar and at Digi you see how a drone can assist in doing first aid and diagnosis even when the patient is still in transit or not long after an accident just occurred. At U Mobile, you should check out the Tele-surgery showcase as it shows you how 5G can even help those in remote areas! 

With 5G technology, large imaging files such as MRIs can be quickly transmitted to doctors. This means even if the doctor is not physically with the patient, they can still aid in the diagnosis and treatment process, especially for patients in remote or underserved areas. There wouldn't be any need for them to travel far as long as 5G is around!

Real Time Jam Sessions - TM

Want to jam out making music with your friends but are too far apart? TM can show you how you can have your jam out sessions with your friend without skipping a beat! Utilising the power of 5G, you don't have to worry about lag or delays that could mess up your rhythm. This means you can practice your music no matter where you are, as long as you have your equipment and of course, 5G.

TM One Smart Home - TM

Of course, the most important factor of 5G is how it can be utilised for all of your Internet of Things (IoT), especially at home. If you want to see how 5G can help you take more control of your home, then be sure to check out the TM One Smart Home to show you how you can make your home more connected and secure. 

Even if you're unable to go to the 5G Showcase in Putrajaya, there's also an exhibition of the TM One Smart Home at Menara TM One to see it as well!

Virtual Learning Center - DiGi

Digi's showcase has a virtual learning center that shows you how Augmented Reality (AR) can be used for future learning purposes. Using specialised AR goggles, any user from anywhere in the world can participate and interact with each other in a virtual classroom. You can even interact with items shown on the screen, like a car engine and aeroplane, that aids in the learning experience!

There's plenty more to offer at the 5G Showcase, but these are our top picks. Which are you keen to try and expand your world on 5G? You can find out more about the 5G Showcase in Putrajaya at their official website.