The top 3 WTF tech trends we wish would die in 2016

Rahil Bhagat reflects on the most annoying tech he hopes will be gone with 2015

2015 was a great year for technology. We saw the rise of VR, the adopting of the wearable, and the continued dominance of the smartphone.

As we move into 2016 though, there are some trends from 2015 that are best left by the wayside, fat and gristle to be cut off and discarded.

So here they are, the 3 trends in tech that really grinded my gears in 2015.


Where do I even begin with these plastic death-traps?

First of all, the name: Hoverboard. As you may be aware, these contraptions have both wheels firmly planted on the ground. They do not hover, an action the dictionary defines as: the action of "remaining in one place in the air".

The device was cruelly named to take advantage of our love for the classic time-travel movie, Back to the Future II, in which the main character, Marty McFly, rides on a hovering skate-board like device called a Hoverboard. In actuality, these devices are nothing more than a small Segway minus the handle, a self-balancing mini-scooter, extra feet for lazy people, and a whole host of other euphemisms.

Also, contrary to what the fanboys say, the Hoverboard is not the ultimate personal transportation device. According to PC Advisor, Hoverboards can carry about a maximum of 95 kilos of weight. They can only hit top speeds of about 16 kph, and generally have a range of about 19 kilometres and they aren’t light, weighing in at over 10 kilos.

At first you would see them on the street, being ridden by random hipsters with a smug look of superiority on their faces then they started popping up everywhere. From award shows, to music videos, and even this one priest in the Philippines who gives new meaning to the term, 'Holy Roller.'

Then there were the fires. Many a Hoverboard would spontaneously catch fire, as if even they did not like what they were. These caused a number of airlines to start banning the device and recently, a Texas mall was evacuated because of such an incident.

So for 2016, I hope the Hoverboard either starts learning to hover or it goes quietly to that special place where all tech fads go - a dusty corner of your storeroom.