The top 11 best movie gadgets of all time

From hoverboards to lightsabers - these are our favourite silver screen gadgets

When the Stuff team first gathered to come up with a list of the best movie gadgets of all time, it didn't take long to realise that the choices would have to be whittled down.

Slouching away on a comfy sofa with an unhealthy amount of snacks and a good movie has long been regarded as the only sport we'll ever be good at. Given our collective movie knowledge then, we carved away at our initial list by voting for our favourites, and have ended up with our top 11.

There are plenty of things that haven't made our list, from laser-shooting watches to teleporters, and you're no doubt going to want to write a lot of angy words down on a piece of paper, telling us that we're mad not to include the dream machine thing from Inception, or the gun from Beverely Hills Cop III.

If this happens to be the case, please send in all complaints via carrier pigeon, and we'll send you a complimentary picture of a hoverboard that's not autographed by anyone of any particular note.

Oh, and why choose just 11, you ask? Because ten seemed a little dull, and 12 would have been too much.11 is the way to go. It's the future of lists. You heard it here first.