The 10 TV shows you won't be able to resist binge-watching on Iflix

Iflix has landed on our shores and it's TV shows galore!

Netflix Asia is finally launching next month in Japan. The company plans to be in more than 200 countries by the end of 2016, but there's no word yet on when it'll reach Malaysia. (You'd think we get preferential treatment, since Marco Polo is filmed in Johor.)

But Malaysia's already got Iflix and Iflix is no slouch, adding a lot of new content constantly. Last Friday, they added a bunch of anime shows. The day after, we noticed a bunch of Stephen Chow films popping up on our feed. Were they available the whole time? Who cares!

Iflix has a lot of movies too, but its real strength is TV shows. To save you the time, Stuff has gone through Iflix's library and come up with the top 10 TV shows you should be watching. If you haven't checked out the service yet, fire up a free trial!

#10. Homeland

If you like 24 (also available on Iflix), then you'll like Homeland, because it deals with similar themes. A prisoner of war is recovered in Iraq and is branded a war hero. But CIA operative Carrie Mathiesson believes the war hero to be a terrorist. And Carrie will go to any lengths to prove it. The jazz theme reminds us of film noir or those classy cold-war-era spy thrillers. Which is another way of saying, Homeland has style coming out of its ears.

#9. Attack on Titan

This anime is not for the faint of heart. It takes an iron will to take the emotional and physical punishment inflicted on these characters (Iflix censors extreme violence, you have been warned). One of the hardest hitting shows I've seen in a while. The show tells the story of the last remnants of humankind and their struggle against the titans, humanoid monsters who kill and eat humans for sport. The story is told really well, playing with the viewer's expectations shockingly well. If you don't like anime, you're missing out on something really special.