Tips for making the best of your Carousell app

Also known as how to steer clear of Carouhell

Whether you’re looking to offload or buy something, there are many opportunities on Carousell if you know where to look.

In case you haven’t realised, there are some features on the app that might help you on your quest for selling and buying. Let us take you through them to help you better navigate the crowded digital marketplace that Carousell is.

Group benefits

Big fan of Star Wars? Hardcore cyclist? Love Lego? If all your buying and selling interests are related to a certain topic, it’s probably best to hawk your wares in a place where you’re going to get maximum engagement without having to comb through hundreds of unrelated listings.

Get on it: Tap on the Groups icon and discover categories that you never even knew existed in Carousell. We won’t be held responsible for your increased expenditure on Carousell. On the flipside, you’ll know where to resell all the stuff you’ve newly accumulated.

Get schooled

Textbooks - they’re expensive and there’s little chance you’re ever going flip them open again after the relevant semester is through. But you don’t want to photocopy 500 pages, kill an entire forest, and cause the devastation of the earth now, do you?

Get on it: Tap on the Groups icon, scroll all the way to the bottom and there you’ll find the bar that states Join Your School’s Group. Scroll through the list to find your institution or just type it in. You’ll have to join using your school’s email so you know it’s legit. Who knows, you might even make a new acquaintance or two to hang out with between classes…