Thrill-seeking and trail-blazing: 10 of the most beautifully terrifying GoPro videos

Louis Pilloni & Sector 9 - Downhill Skateboarding

When you think downhill skateboarding, you’re probably envisioning gliding down a gentle slope and not this. Professionals Louis Pilloni and the Sector 9 downhill skate team might look at ease zipping down a mountain in Australia, but one miscalculated step and you know someone’s in for the worst faceplant of his life.

Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud

Virtually strap on those skis and zig-zag down the French Alps with expert skiers Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude. So what if the trail comes to an end at a cliff edge? That’s not going to stop you if you’re a certified base jumper as well. And you'll understand why they didn't stop when you see the giant avalanche bearing down upon them.

A Blonde and a Great White Shark

When your name is Ocean Ramsey, you kind of know it’s in your blood to be one with the sea. The freediver doesn’t just feel at ease in the deepest waters free of clunky dive equipment, she's equally comfortable around its most dangerous predator - the Great White. Watch and learn, Australia. 

Skate Big Air

Can’t even stay on a skateboard for more than 10 seconds? Now, feel even more ashamed (or in awe) as youngling Mitchie Brusco catches massive air and lands some of the most difficult tricks in skateboarding history. You might want to dig your beat-up skateboard up at this point and attempt something really dumb. A world of advice: don’t. 

Marshall Miller Flies Through A Narrow Canyon

Think you’ve seen enough jumping videos at this point to think you won’t feel the need to squeeze your eyes shut? Think again. Join flying cowboy Marshall Miller as he swoops through the narrow Beehive line at breakneck speed. Remember to resume normal breathing when the video is done. 

Red Bull Stratos

Do you even need any introduction? This triple world record-breaking number is the jump to end all jumps. Afterall, it’s not everyday someone jumps from the edge of space, free-falling through the atmosphere faster than the speed of sound, and most importantly, lands back on Earth in one piece. All hail Felix Baumgartner.