Thrill-seeking and trail-blazing: 10 of the most beautifully terrifying GoPro videos

Embrace the adrenaline rush from the safety of your couch

The tiny GoPro camera has been the trusty memory-maker of choice for many adventurers. For those of us with more inactive dispositions, we’ll live vicariously through these 10 thoroughly terrifying videos from the GoPro archives.

Image: Airpigz

Jeb Corliss Flies Through Tianmen Cave

Professional skydiver and base jumper Jeb Corliss takes on the Tianmen Cave in China. You’d think the fist-clenching moment for us would be when he narrowly swoops past the roads and cliffs, but no, it’s the point when he unfortunately crash-lands into a tree.

Dane Jackson's 60ft Waterfall Drop

What’s 60 feet you ask? 18 metres, which also translates to a 5-storey height. Throw in fast-moving water and the roar of the waterfall, and you’ve got one vomit-inducing heck of a vertical drop.

Backflip Over 72ft Canyon

It starts off rough and shaky when Kelly McGarry trundles over rocky terrain as part of the RedBull Rampage 2013. You’d think that’s the most painful part, but it’s the moment he attempts a backflip over a 72ft (22m) gaping hole that you’ll flip out too. Hope you haven't peed your pants at this point. 

Lion Hug

What’s that in the bushes? Nothing much, just a good-sized lioness running right at you, along with a full-grown male gamboling in your direction at full speed. That rumbling coming from them might sound like big cat joy to Kevin Richardson, but it sounds a lot like “I could rip your throat out any moment” to us.

Roberta Mancino's High Fashion

This aerial display of high fashion takes place way above the usual runways. Decked out in full Roberto Cavalli regalia instead of the usual unfashionable jumpsuits, watch as models leap off cliffs, hurtle past the landscape, and yet manage to land gracefully in sky-high heels. Now, that takes real guts.