6 things we've uncovered for Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy XV

Watch how Noctis met his new friends in an anime

You know Square Enix is really throwing everything it's got at the title with that many tie-ins. Including an anime series for the game. 

The series, dubbed Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, is helmed by A-1 Pictures, a Japanese animation studio known for recent animes such as Sword Art Online. The series acts as a prequel to the game, detailing how Noctis became friends with his fellow travelers clad in black.

The anime's storyline is also tied closely to the Platinum Demo that will also be free to download for PS4 and Xbox One users later today.

In total, there'll be five episodes, each 10 minutes long. More importantly, it's free to watch on YouTube, and the first episode is now live (see above).


There's a Final Fantasy XV full-length CGI feature

This is Advent Children all over again. But unlike the previous CG film that starred everyone's favourite emo protaginist, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will be launched before the game is released on 30 September. How it'll be released is still not known yet.

The story, however, runs in a different direction, focusing on not just Noctis but also his father, King Regis.

Based on earlier game trailers, King Regis fate was left unknown when his son Noctis left the capital of Crown City. This will be answered in the CG animated film, which features Lena Heady and Sean Bean in voice acting roles. If you have actors from Game of Thrones in it, there's no telling what tragedy awaits their characters in Kingsglaive.

But we're pretty sure Sean Bean will chalk up another number to his on-screen deaths.