These hi-tech lawnmowers make cutting the grass fun

Hacking that lawn is a chore, but it doesn’t have to be that way
honda miimo

Grass cutting salvation awaits below. From super-speed mowers to robot cutters you’ll be baffled why you didn’t want one before.

Honda Miimo

The best way to cut the grass is not to. Let Miimo do it for you by cutting in whatever pattern you chose, sucking up clippings, recharging itself and keeping quiet throughout. And who said robot slaves would be our undoing?

Honda speed machine

honda speed mower

This mower is faster than a Porsche 911. You read that right, it can hit 120mph with a 0-60mph time of four seconds. And it can cut grass. Just don’t expect it to be commercially available, or useful, anytime soon.

Toro 22 Personal Pace

toro personal pace

If you want good old-fashioned petrol power the Toro is for you. But with futuristic smarts it can’t resist helping you with its self-drive that adapts to your puny human pace.

Husqvarna Automower 305

Husqvarna Automower 305

Husqvarna have been leading the robot mower charge for years now. This base model, the Automower 305, will make short work of up to five hundred square meters of garden, stay within borders you set, and even has a built-in anti theft system.

A wallaby

wallaby grass

Sometimes nature trumps tech. When it comes to getting rid of grass Wallabies have been doing it for generations. They get into the hard to reach areas, work the edges and do it consistently. The downside? Cleaning up their waste.

Just hire it out

Right this is really all in good fun. Most houses in Malaysia wouldn't have lawns or gardens THAT big for you to consider most of the devices (and one wallaby) up  there anyway. The best bet is still to hire your local grass cutter for maybe RM50 or more and you're set. Unless of course you live in palatial like grounds, then maybe that speedy Honda mower would be absolute fun.