These 3 new app features will give you a much smoother Uber ride

This Uber app update has been a long time coming

Last updated in 2012, it was clear that the Uber app needed a major makeover.

This overhaul scrubs the app clean and puts the most important features at your fingertips once you hop into it. The rollout will be gradual, but everyone should get the new app by December.

And once you do, these are the features you should pay attention to.

You can choose your ride based on arrival time

Sure, you already have upfront fares which is always handy for deciding if you should take an Uber. But now Uber has one-upped itself with Arrive By. You will get tentative times of arrival when you enter your destination to help you decide if you should Pool or cough up a bit more for X. Talk about a timebreaker.

It will suggest destinations for you based on your location

If you always travel to the airport from home, or to the bars after work, the app will learn your behaviour and surface recommendations based on where you are. So aside from entering work and home location shortcuts, there will be other options for you to quickly tap on and summon a ride. These change dynamically depending on where you’re at.

It will integrate with your calendar

You don’t have to switch between your default Calendar app and the Uber one to enter your destination, it’s all integrated now. Just make sure you remember to enter your meeting’s location into your calendar if not you’re missing out on shortcut that will save you some precious minutes. Uber didn’t confirm which calendar apps it will work with, but we guess you’ll find out.