These 10 robots are infinitely more human than us

Bishop from Aliens

Another robot from yet another James Cameron movie, Bishop is the android in Aliens. Human-shaped with a face carved out of old leather (courtesy of the actor playing him, Lance Henriksen) Bishop’s terrific prowess at pinpoint table stabbing is only matched by his one most unexpected human characteristic - loyalty.

Despite Ripley’s previous experience with traitorous androids, Bishop proves himself a worthy companion and comrade in arms by rescuing her from the jaws of a very uncomfortable fiery death. And for his trouble, he gets impaled and bisected by an angry Alien Queen. No good deed goes unpunished. And you’ll end up liking Bishop more when you realise the human he is based off is a complete industrialist jerk.

R2D2 from Star Wars

If there were any justice for mechanical beings in the world, the Star Wars Trilogy would have been renamed “The fantastic R2D2 and friends.” Our favorite rambunctious little robot delivers the all-important message that gets Luke to save (and -ewww- kiss) his sister Leia, kickstarting the chain of events that lead to the defeat of the empire. As if being a part of almost every major plotline isn’t enough, R2D2 bleeps and bloops his way into the center of trouble to fight with his friends, despite effectively being a trashcan on treads.

And that’s why our favorite droid in Star Wars isn’t some self-important golden ponce always running away from trouble, but the little loyal underdog who’s always punching above his weight for his friends. For the sake of this article, perhaps we should change his name to R2EQ. No?

Andrew from Bicentennial Man

Robin Williams left us last year amidst tragic circumstances. One of his most underrated performances is as Andrew in this modern day adaptation of the Positronic Man by Phillip K. Dick. Andrew starts out as your run-of-the-mill robot butler, but his positronic brain evolves oddly, allowing him to experience emotion and gain sentience.

He falls in love with a woman almost a hundred years later, and invents synthetic human organs in order to win her affections, inadvertently extending the lifespan of all humankind with his organ replacements. But yet, he is never recognized as human, until he chooses to become mortal, in order to die with the love of his 200 year life. How many people would sacrifice immortality for love? We hear EQ meters exploding everywhere. Also, RIP Robin, we miss you.