These 10 robots are infinitely more human than us

According to these films, automatons might just save us all one day

“I’m consciousness. I’m alive. I’m Chappie.” Haunting words from Chappie, Neill Blomkamp’s latest science fiction movie about Artificial Intelligence. Don’t you just love robot movies?

The latest fictional self-conscious automaton to hit our movie screens, Chappie joins a long list of illustrious sentient machines that put humanity to shame with their… well, humanity. Yes, the idea of a bucket of bolts with more EQ than the average human scum is not new, and science fiction writers have left us with more “feeling” robots that you can shake a bone at. Here are some of our favorite ones… (warning, some sappiness may occur)


Who knew you could tell a love story amidst an apocalyptic trash-filled future Earth, with robots?

Wall-E is of course the movie’s titular character, a trash-processing robotic unit, who after centuries of cleaning up humanity’s rubbish, develops a personality that can only be described with the words “hopeless romantic”. And his brand of humanity is hyper-infectious, becoming the catalyst for inspiring compassion not only in other robots, but also a whole future society of dehumanized puddles of fat that pass off for human descendents.

On top of that, he falls in love and wins over the EVE, a highly advanced robot that was sooo totes out of his league. Talk about EQ over-achievement.

T800 from Terminator 2

What would a learning computer learn, within the confines of living tissue over metal endoskeleton death machine? How to care, not (fatally) harm humans and the extremely human yearning for a vacation (don’t pretend you aren’t thinking of it every morning).

The Terminator T800 series from Terminator 2: Judgement Day is arguably the most famous robot in pop culture to defend and care for a human being. Sure, he initially does it as part of his directive, but by the end of the movie, he knows why humans cry… but he can never do so himself. Just thinking of it makes us sob violently into our computer screens.

We can hardly wait to see him on the screens again in this year’s Terminator Genisys (SIC).

David from A.I.

Before Haley Joel Osment ate a year’s worth of corn dogs in one sitting, he was the hottest child actor in Hollywood. During that time, he played the character of David in Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Really a modern day retelling of the Pinocchio story, David is an android created to mimic a real human boy, as a replacement for an actual human boy who was initially thought to be a gone-case.

Not only does David develop a deep bond with his adopted family, but his love for his foster mother spans centuries, even past humanity’s demise. His so-called artificial emotions are so genuine, that it begs the question: what defines human emotion? Oh, and the human child he replaces turns out to be a turd in comparison. So robot pinocchio-uh... David wins hands down in the EQ department.