Telco plans for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus compared

All in all, there are 64 different bundles to choose from. We help you do the math

Four telcos are offering the iphone 7 and iphone 7 Plus in 32gb, 128gb and 256gb varieties, bundled into 10 plans. All in all, there are 64 different bundles to choose from. Talk about being spoiled for choice. 

But the flood of choices makes it harder to make a decision. Try to make sense of these different plans and you’re going to give yourself a headache.

So we went through the data ourselves.

We looked at how much a customer will pay to service the plan. We compared device prices. And finally we calculated total cost of ownership, so that we have an idea of the total spend on these plans. We help you do the math so that you don't have to. 

What is the cheapest device?

The cheapest 32GB iPhone 7 is being offered by Maxis. At RM 1,728, it is the lowest offering from all the telcos. Maxis is also offering the cheapest 128GB and 256GB iPhones.

The cheapest iPhone 7 Plus devices are also being offered by Maxis. How much cheaper? Roughly RM 60 cheaper across all plans than its closest competitor, Celcom.

A 128gb iPhone with Maxis One plan 188 is cheaper than a 32gb iPhone with Celcom First Gold. And a 128gb iPhone with Maxis One plan 158 is cheaper than a 32gb iPhone with U Mobile i60.

Since the only way to get these prices is to sign up for the plan, this is only half the story. Read on to the next section for more info.

But first a note about Digi’s pricing.

Digi has introduced a new pricing scheme for devices for new or existing customers. Perhaps the new pricing is supposed to discourage Digi users from switching, because it certainly isn’t attractive to new customers. A new Digi customer will pay more for a 32GB iPhone than an existing customer will pay for a 256GB model. Overall, a new Digi customer will be paying the highest prices for all iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models on the market. 

UPDATE (12/10/2016): U Mobile’s U Package installment plan seems to be a way for the carrier to push customers towards the pricier models (as well as towards higher tier plans). On the surface, it looks like a good deal: flat rates for devices tied to the plan. And for many people, it is. An iPhone Plus bought with U Package on the i130 plan is more expensive than a 32gb iPhone bought without U Package on the same plan, 128gb and 256gb iPhone 7 Plus models are available at lower rates with U Package. If you’re going to give in to your capitalist instincts here, just be aware of the higher monthly commitment attached to a higher tier plan, as well as the additional monthly commitment for the device. U Package was advertised as an installment plan that doesn’t lock up your credit. But there have been reports that this isn’t the case and that U Package works like any other installment plan. Before signing up, do your due diligence. And of course, in order to sign up for an installment plan, you will need to have a credit card. 

What is the cheapest plan?

U Mobile i40 is the cheapest plan available. Over the 24 month contract period, expect to pay RM 1018 to service the plan, if you don’t exceed any of your data quota of 1.5gb (not counting the promotional 1.5GB as part of Video Onz) and your call and SMS quotas of 40 minutes and 20 texts.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, all of U Mobile’s plans as well as Celcom First Gold plans are cheaper than Maxis’s cheapest plan, Maxis One plan 128.

Maxis One plan 188 is the most expensive plan. Expect to pay RM 4783 over the 24 month contract period. For that kind of money, you get 20GB of data a month and unlimited calls and texts. You’re really just paying more for the data quota, since Maxis One plans 158 and 128 also come with unlimited calls and texts, but with lower quotas (respectively, 15GB and 10GB). If you’re no heavy user, you’re better off going with one of those plans. 

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