Tech we’d resurrect: 5 things we wish we didn’t have to say goodbye to

Because sometimes good things are killed way before their time is truly up

Are there tech products you wished survived the onslaught of time?

It’s great that we’re surrounded by smartphones, can offload our data into the cloud at any time, and have the best displays ever. Sometimes, we find ourselves reminiscing about the tech we used to use. From gaming to music listening, these are the things that have left irreparable them-shaped holes in our lives.

Image: Flickr

Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 has long been immortalised in memes, revered for its seemingly invincible brick-like build. It didn’t matter that games were limited. Neither did it have no colour nor internet connectivity. All that mattered was it lasted without us having to carry extra portable batteries around. Actually, make that most of Nokia’s phones. But it’s the 3310 we miss the most.

Image: Wikipedia


There was nothing fancy about it at all. Just white text on a black background type of operating system, nothing like the Live Tiles or Windows start button we’re used to by now. But it seems like the folks over at Microsoft also yearn for the good olde days of MS-DOS, given the recent April Fools prank they pulled.

Image: Wikipedia

Pfft, kids nowadays with their new-fangled graphics user interface. If you’ve experienced Microsoft’s earliest operating system, MS-DOS*, like I did, you’ll miss these commands that’ll make you feel like an accomplished programmer. Want to access folders? Type “cd”. Need to see the full directory? “Dir” it is. So easy, I don't understand why we're using Windows 8.1.

*Technically, MS-DOS isn't dead - it still lives on as Command Prompt in Windows.