Tech from the dead: 5 digital resurrections

What didn't kill them just made them stronger. And not in a creepy undead way
Tech from the dead: 5 resurrected tech companies

To celebrate Easter, we bring you 5 tech names who have made it back from the brink of death.

Sure, they had their fair share of troubles, but they have looked death in the eye, said "not today" and fought their way back to the light. And now, these brands have proven with returning better than ever from their near death experiences. All the better for us, right?



Their turning down of Google’s buyout offer of US$30 million to buy is considered to be one of the biggest blunders in history. Following which, it fell to the 800th place from the top 40 in 2010, according to Alexa. How the mighty have fallen.

Turning point: Other companies might have closed their doors and called it a day, but Friendster went through a total transformation - and rightly so - morphing into a social gaming site with over 115 million registered users today. Pretty impressive huh? 

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