Team Stuff sics their sketchy doodles on Google AutoDraw

Take your broken drawing skills and turn it into art

At Stuff, we like to put tech to the test.

Is that face-morphing app really as great as it claims to be? There’s no way Google's AutoDraw AI is smart enough to make out what we're drawing. So it’s the team’s greatest pleasure to try and foil technology at every opportunity. Seeing if AutoDraw could successfully autocomplete our drawings seemed like a challenge handdrawn by Google for us.

There are reasons why we are writers and not artists. You’re about to see five of them.


"I’m quite impressed with the tech behind this. AutoDraw guessed my horrible drawings of farm animals correctly and gave humourous suggestions for my more phallic sketches (I got scissors, peanuts and guitars. Close enough?)"


"Hot damn, so this was how Da Vinci actually created the Mona Lisa. And apparently AutoDraw also thinks I need a trip to Paris. Will rate this app 3 stars for the questionable AI, and 200 more for being able to fix my existential problems."

Erna Mahther-of-Dragons

"AutoDraw feels like a game of Pictionary, but with an AI. It does do better with animals than food however - it kept insisting my slice of cake was a sandwich"

Susie Q

"It's an interesting app but it wasn't able to guess any of my drawings which included a cock (like an actual cockerel) and the Petronas twin towers. The AI also gives me slight middle school art class anxiety.”