19 of the most entertaining distractions hidden within Google Chrome

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

Google Chrome isn't just a productive virtual space, it's also a lot of fun - if you know where to look. 

We've sleuthed out the fun things you can do while browsing the internet with Chrome. There are hidden classic games, tricks you can make Search perform for you, and then a whole store of strange settings you never knew existed. So go on, take a break, and give your brain a rest with these fun features. You deserve it. 

But first, go to Settings and disable Google Instant predictions to make sure everything works out beautifully.

Play a little Pac-Man

What: Originally a Google Doodle created to commemorate the classic arcade game’s 30th birthday, the interactive art has since found a permanent home on Google that’s just a little tucked away.

Make it happenClick here for (d)oodles of fun. Before you do so, you should know that this will prove very distracting for the rest of the day.

XOXO, Tic-Tac-Toe

What: Sometimes there's nothing better than a classic to break up the monotonous drudgery of checking your email every five minutes. To take a few seconds off to immerse yourself into the release of tic-tac-toe simplicity. 

Make it happen: Even getting to it is as simple as can be. Type "tic tac toe" into the search box and you will see it sitting right at the top of the search results for instant release. You can choose the difficulty and even tick the option to play with a friend, if he happens to be seated next to you, or play a lonely game all by yourself.

If only this could be linked up between Google accounts, we'd know where we'd be squandering precious pockets of time given our competitive streaks. Game on. 

Test your geographical knowledge

What: There’s a fun little game hidden within Google and it’s called Smarty Pins. Answer trivia questions by dropping pins on the map. How far off you are from the actual answer will take away from your store of kilometres. Try not to bottom out.

Make it happen: Put your geographical knowledge to the test with Smarty Pins. Be warned though, it’s mostly US-centric. But the true trivia master is not hindered by geographical limits, right?

Journey through Middle-Earth

What: Created to celebrate The Hobbit films, relive the magic of the cinematic Tolkien adaptations via a quick battle, trace one of the chosen heroes’ footsteps, or explore Middle-Earth on your own.

Make it happen: Head over to virtual Middle-Earth, and choose your destination, be it through Isengard or Minas Tirith.