The best superhero movies coming out in 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight (22 June)

Debunking the core myths of the Transformers franchise is The Last Knight. With Optimus Prime gone, Cade Yeager forms an alliance of sorts with everyone's favorite Transformer, Bumblebee to discover why they love (understandably so) our planet so much.

According to Paramount, the film will finally feature adorable baby dinobots and a new heroine who’s not the atypical damsel in distress – a core critique in most Transformer movies.  

Spider-Man: Homecoming (6 July)

Tony Stark's young protégé kicks off the second Spiderman reboot (and hopefully not the last), trying to find balance between high school woes and the ire of the Vulture.

While 15 years of Spidey clearly hasn’t lost its charm, Tom Holland’s performance in Captain America: Civil War most certainly brought back a spark to the beloved comic book hero and is a must-watch.  

War For The Planet Of The Apes (13 July)

A little bit more anti-hero as it wrestles with darker aspects, War for Planets of The Apes depicts the inevitable war and vengeance the apes have against humans. Caesar, the star primal embarks on a quest that pits his species and the future of the planet, but with a few holes that proves a testament to the apes’ rationale for exterminating humans entirely.