Supercharge your iMessages: the 11 best apps for Apple's iOS 10 messenger

Messages now has its own App Store. Here are a dozen crackers to get you started...

One of the big changes in iOS 10 is that Messages now has apps. You can bolt on all kinds of productivity aids, games and stickers, cluttering up your threads with all manner of madness – and sometimes even usefulness.

But there are already hundreds of apps available, so how can you possibly know which ones to try? By reading our list below – that’s how.


Assembly starts out as a bunch of nicely designed, somewhat arty stickers, herded into categories like Doodles, Food and Pop Icons. But the magic really happens in the parent app, where you make your own stickers. The process is a bit like a modern take on fuzzy felt shapes. It’s intuitive and immediate, but there’s enough depth to create mini masterpieces for slapping on your messages.

Download Assembly (free + optional IAP)

Carrot Weather

There are loads of weather apps for sending forecasts to friends, but most are pretty dull. Carrot, though, dials up the snark, due to being ‘hosted’ by a malevolent AI hell-bent on the destruction of the human race. While biding its time, it’ll sort forecasts for you (with decidedly oddball illustrations and commentary), and send the week’s outlook to a friend. All this happens without leaving Messages.

Download Carrot Weather (RM17)

Circle Pay

If you feel cash is a bit old-hat but owe a friend some money, Circle Pay is a great way to cough up by way of an app. Link a card, send as much money as you want, and bask in the lack of fees. Previously, this required the Circle Pay app; now, you can hurl virtual money at anyone you’re chatting to in Messages.

Download Circle Pay (free)