The Super Bowl XLIX ads that everyone’s talking about

You don’t want to be excluded from tomorrow’s watercooler conversation now, do you?
The Super Bowl XLIX ads that everyone’s talking about

We might know next to nothing about American football, but we love the truckloads of entertainment in their halftime show...and also their ads. Here are ten that definitely made an impression this year.

Revenge by Clash of Clans

Featuring Liam Neeson, the ad puts him in that all familiar Taken light. But hey, you never know who you’re dueling with, do you?

All-Powerless by Mophie

You’d never guess what’s causing this apocalypse.

The Perfect Getaway by Kia

This ad puts Pierce Brosnan at a casting call - talk about ad-ception - but things don't end up the way he wants them to.

Lost Dog by Budweiser

Ah, that familiar Clydesdale horse and puppy pairing is back to bring tears to your eyes. 

Pay with Lovin’ by McDonalds

So many feels. If only this could be possible all year round instead of just on 14 February.

#RealStrength by Dove Men

Trust us, you’ll want to give your dad a call right after this ad ends. 

Band of Brands by Newcastle

Nothing but the truth. This puts into perspective how commercial everyday life is, no pun intended. 

Make Safe Happen by Nationwide Insurance

Seriously? This is a massive downer. Watch at your own risk. However, if you want to watch a happier ad, there’s this Mindy Kaling one.