Stuff’s Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Windows Phone

Everything you need to know about the Lumia smartphones and the unknown features of Windows Phone packed into this Smartphone 101 lesson
Stuff’s Guide to Microsoft Windows Phone

Before you buy that smartphone you’ve been eyeing, there’s one important decision to make - Android, iOS or Windows Phone?

Windows Phone, you ask? “Is it even worth my time” is what you’re thinking right now. Truth is, Microsoft’s mobile operating system has been a neglected kid, much like the middle child that gets little attention from parents.

And there are no lack of Windows Phone devices to choose from, if you look at the number of phones from Microsoft Devices’ Lumia line (yeah, forget about Nokia, that’s gone).

So if you’re shopping around for a Windows Phone and can’t figure out where you should start, you’re in the right place.

Everything else about Windows Phone

These are just the bare essentials of what you need to know about Windows Phone. For more Windows Phone related news, reviews and features, click here.