Stuff's Life Hacks: Turn 15 everyday objects into life-enhancing necessities

Tackle first-world problems the quickest way we know how

Who wants to untangle wires all the time? Definitely not us.

Our homes are rife with mundane crap that we usually throw out, but with some creativity and tweaking, even the simplest items can be repurposed into one of sheer brilliance.

Label cords with bread tags

Nobody looks behind the television, and for good reason. But when you want to welcome or bid adieu to a device in the living room, what should be an easy task becomes an accursed chore. It’s impossible to guess which wire belongs to which head – why can’t this BluRay wire be, well, blue?

If you’re on a no-carbs diet, don’t fret. About anything from file folder labels and Post-It notes to clothespins and hair clips can wrangle that mess all the same. Just don’t forget to label both ends of the cord!

Image: 366daysofpinterest

Pen springs for protecting charging cables

You can rely on Apple's cables to fray as much as pens can be relied upon to eventually run out of ink. But who said two wrongs don’t make a right?

Break an old pen to retrieve its spring. Rotate the spring around the area where the cable connects to the USB jack for the perfect protection! Remember to do the same at the other end as well.

Image: Wordpress

Clean your keyboard with Post-It notes

Like the crack of a sofa, our keyboards are exceptionally good at collecting dirt. If your keys aren’t as responsive as before, it’s time to clean up your act. By that, I mean those cookie crumbs, bodily particles and god knows what, you heathen.

Get (most of) the gunk out by grabbing a Post-It note and sliding the adhesive side along the crevices of your keyboard.

Image: Ehow