9 simple Gmail tips that will make a world of difference to your inbox

Use these easy tips to regain control of your inbox effortlessly

At first it was just five emails, then it became 25, and soon enough, it crept into the quadruple digits.

Just like weight gain, your inbox can become unmanageable if you don’t keep it in check in the early stages. And soon you’re left sobbing on the floor asking yourself, “What happened?”

Don’t let it spiral out of control, we know staying on top of your emails can be an uphill battle. But we’re here to help you fight the war of digital mail with these simple tweaks to change how you use Gmail.

Canned responses

Tired of typing the same thing over and over again to the same genre of emails. Let’s say someone in your office always circulates the same type of joke emails. You really couldn’t care less, but in the spirit of being a teamplayer, you take a few precious seconds to enthuse, “That’s a great one! Thanks for sharing!”

Set it up: Go to Settings, then to the Labs tab, scroll down till you see Canned Responses and enable it. Don’t forget to Save Changes. This will allow you to create templated emails for when you want to respond, but don’t want to spend too much time doing so.

Use it: To save a template, just click on Compose, type your carefully worded response, click on the arrow next to the trash can on the bottom right of the window, click on Canned Responses, then save to create a name for that particular reply. Whenever you get an email that calls for a generic response, click on the arrow again, Canned Responses then under Insert, select the pre-written response that best suits the occasion, and you’re all done. Easy.