Stuff’s favourite tech ads from yesteryear

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Stuff’s favourite classic tech ads

In the mood for reminiscing? Here's a collection of the tech ads that have touched our hearts and stuck in our heads over the years. 

Starring product: Third-gen iPod

Year: 2003

Despite its simplicity, this iPod ad struck a chord with many. A simple dancing silhouette, backgrounds flush with bold colour, and the white iPod were all it took to drive the point home - the iPod will get you dancing. Chuck in Jet's catchy Are You Gonna Be My Girl, and you've got yourself a winner.

Enough of the happy families, this ad didn’t even need faces. Let's see you one-up that, everyone else. 

Starring product: Nokia N93

Year: 2006

Selfies have been around for much longer than you think. Back in Nokia's heyday, when they were the masters of coming up with new and exciting form factors, they came up with the N93, which actually enabled you to shoot yourself in the face. They even got Gary Oldman to illustrate the point with this fantastic commercial, and it soon had everyone hooked (on the ad, not the phone, sadly).

It was so well done, I'm sure anyone who's actually seen the ad can still remember it. All you have to do is say "all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players".

Starring product: Microsoft Surface Tablet

Year: 2012

I could watch this video all day, every day. Its got me hooked on the sound of clicks. The fluid, synchronised movements of the dancers swapping the detachable keyboard (and clicking them back on) are as if they’re playing the Cup Game, but Surface Tablet style. I’d definitely want to take a whack at that.

Starring product: Samsung Galaxy Gear

Year: 2012

As a kid, we’ve always dreamed of talking to our watches, doing all sorts of spy things with the wrist accessory and shouting ‘It’s morphin’ time!’. Okay, maybe that last part is just me. Even though the Samsung Galaxy Gear isn’t a spectacular smartwatch, this nostalgic ad made me feel like a kid. Or perhaps, I never did grow up.