Stuff Picks: be flexible with the Acer Switch Alpha 12

Complete the collection with accessories for your gadgets

Acer Switch Alpha 12 (RM2499)

The first liquid-cooled 2-in-1 ultra slim and convertible laptop runs on Windows 10 out of the box. Acer’s LiquidLoop ensures that the Switch Alpha 12 operates silently, efficiently and stably with an 8-hour battery life.

Its multi-position kickstand, attachable keyboard and Acer Active Pen allows for flexibility as a Windows 10 laptop as well as a tablet.

A 12in touch display with a 2160 x 1440 resolution makes for a great viewing experience. Top this off with the new 6th generation Intel Core processors and you’ve got an efficient, ultra-portable and flexible machine.

Armaggeddon Molotov-5 (RM99.90)

Headphones under RM100? You got it right here. The Molotov-5 is a mobile gaming headset which promises full-range audio with 40mm drivers that could rival headsets with larger drivers condensed into a compact size and weight.

Made with braided cables for maximum durability, the permanently attached cables allow them to be wound and unwound without damaging the inner wires.

Spigen Slim Armor for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (RM119)

The Slim Armour offers protection with minimal bulk and style with an edge. Its TPU interior and polycarbonate exterior keeps your Galaxy S7 Edge protected from drops and scratches with the Air Cushion Technology. The built-in kickstand serves to prop up your phone which is great for hands-free video watching.

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium (RM499)

The Trekz Titanium is a wireless stereo headphones which features bone conduction technology, an open ear design and features that deliver crystal clear music and calling.

Designed for athletes, these headphones are sweatproof, secure and allows its user to hear their surroundings.

OpenFit ensures ambient sound awareness which means its user can tune in to their music or take a call while fully aware of the sounds in their surroundings. Sound doesn’t bypass the eardrums but instead, a set of bone conduction transducers rests in front of the ears and transmits sound through the cheekbones to the inner ear. An extra layer of housing ensures that the headphones are sweatproof.