Stuff Picks: air purifiers to save your lungs from the haze

Stay home, stay safe and install these air purifiers right now

Sharp FP-FM40E-B Air Purifier and Mosquito Catcher

Price: RM1049

We kid you not. This Sharp Air Purifier is also a mosquito catcher. This makes absolute sense since the haze, as toxic as it is, hasn’t been effective in fogging the heck out of these blood suckers. The absolute black colour and LED UV light of the Sharp air purifier attracts mosquitoes, sucking them in and sticking them onto a glue sheet that’s replaced every month. Oh, and not to forget this thing removes particles as small as 2.5 microns and comes with a haze mode that emits a high dose of Plasmacluster ions for 10 minutes.

Honeywell True HEPA Air Cleaner HAP-18450

Price: RM3299

Go big or go home. So why not spend good money on this Honeywell air purifier? At the very least, you know that you’re paying for peace of mind to have 60 square metres of purified air that has a filtration rate of 99.97% and cleans particles up to 0.3 microns. There’s also the fact that the air purifier is a silent hero during the turbulent haze days and its Intelli-Check electronic filter indicator is smart enough to remind you to replace its HEPA filter.

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Sharp KCD60EW Plasma Cluster Air Purifier

Price: RM1899

The worsening haze isn’t going anywhere, not to mention it’s going to be a yearly affair. Thus, it makes sense to invest in the Sharp Plasma Cluster air purifier. Its coverage area of 48 square metres is perfect for the living room setup. Add a HEPA antimicrobial dust collector, and you’re good to go with this dust buster.

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Kent Ozone Air Purifier Table Top

Price: RM168

You probably spend an indecent amount of time at your desk, and by the time you realise it, the haze has set in. So it makes sense to have an air purifier nearby, one that’s inconspicuous enough to keep things in order. The Kent Ozone Air Purifier Table Top isn’t disruptive with its silent fan system that kills bacteria, virus and most micro-organisms. It’s also portable to boot, so you can move it to the next room when you’re done.

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