Stuff Malaysia Readers' Choice Awards 2015 - meet the TV of the Year finalists

After you've laid your eyes on these TVs, tell us which captured your heart and cast your vote

Where TVs are concerned, these large displays are the centrepiece of your living room.

Your discerning eyes would have seen what these TVs are capable of. Besides its ultra sharp 4K screen quality, the smarts behind these TVs are a force to be reckoned with.

Now, let your eyes and fingers decide which panel deserves to be the TV of the Year 2015.


LG’s acclaimed OLED technology is on full display here, generating some of the deepest blacks we’ve ever seen on a TV. One of the best UHD all-rounders in the market.

Samsung SUHD JS9500

Simply put, it’s one of the most brilliant and vivid UHD displays available today. Perfectly delivers gorgeous deep blacks, great contrast, and scintillating colours.

Sony X9400C

Sony’s top-of-the-line UHD model comes with Android TV, combining beautifully life-like imagery with a simple and familiar operating system to great effect.