Stuff Malaysia Readers’ Choice Awards 2015 - meet the Internet Service Provider of the Year finalists

They bring the internet to you, now it’s time to repay the favour

To you, the internet is everything. So these internet service providers mean the world to you.

Whether it's a mobile or fibre broadband that's provided by the telcos or ISPs, these brands have done a lot for you, allowing you to stream movies from YouTube, see some eye candy on Instagram or post your daily shenanigans on Facebook.

Today, you have the power to vote for your favourite ISP and let the world know they deserve a pat on the back.


Celcom is Malaysia’s oldest mobile telecommunication company and has perhaps the widest voice coverage, especially in the more remote areas in the interior. It is the popular choice of Malaysians who need to frequently travel outside urban areas.


Bursting onto the scene with its ‘yellow man’ mascot, DiGi is known for its quirky campaigns. The telco is known for its very competitive rates, pioneering affordable all-you-can-eat data plans. It was also the first telco to introduce mobile number selection.


Maxis Berhad was the first to introduce LTE to Malaysia and currently has the widest (at 55 per cent) LTE coverage in the country. It recently announced its Zerolution plan that makes it easier for subscribers to switch to new phones without being locked into the usual telco contracts.

U Mobile

The youngest of Malaysia’s standalone telcos, the company has built its reputation on highly competitive plans and its promise not to lock customers into contracts. It also has its own U MicroCredit scheme to allow users to purchase phones via installments, without credit cards.