Stuff Malaysia Readers’ Choice Awards 2015 - meet the Gadget of the Year finalists

There can be only one gadget that changed your life, now it’s time to vote

Finding that one gadget that made a world of difference is a daunting task.

This year, we’ve seen innovation take centre stage. And with it, the promise that there’s one thing that could change your life for the better.

Now, their fates rest in your fingers as you click to vote for one of these nominees to be the Gadget of the Year.

Apple iPhone 6s

Sure, the new iPhone looks exactly the same as its predecessor. But we can’t deny that 3D Touch has changed the way we interact with Apple’s smartphone. Plus, Live Photos add a new dimension to the way we view our photos, making it more alive than ever.

Apple MacBook

Think back to that awe-inducing moment when Apple took the first MacBook Air out of a manila envelope. That’s the exact reaction you’ll feel when you felt the new MacBook for the very first time. Sleek, beautiful and amazingly light, this is the standard by which all laptops should be measured against.


LG’s TV line-up has been nothing except stellar. This is especially true for its flagship OLED TVs, which come with 4K capabilities to ready your eyes for future ultra high definition content. More importantly, LG is making OLED TVs available to consumers at an affordable price. That’s the kind of future we’d like to see from other TV makers.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

It’s not a case of bending a screen just because it can. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge is remarkable for the fact that your totally-not-flat thumbs can interact naturally with a curved screen. Oh, and that amazing camera too, that’s one more reason to vote for this Samsung smartphone.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV

DSLRs? Too chunky. Compact cameras? Lack of features. Sony’s Cyber-shot RX100 IV? It’s the perfect camera that captures photo at super speeds of 1/32,000 sec and incredible 4K video quality. It’s safe to say this is one camera that can trump your daily smartphone cameras and rival even the most advanced DSLRs.