Stuff gets hands-on with Google Glass

Google pays us a visit, Glass in hand – the Stuff UK team give their first reactions to the intelligent eyewear
Google Glass

Google dropped into the Stuff UK offices to show off its Glass eyewear – and we've gone hands-on with it.

We'll be posting a more in-depth account of our time with Glass shortly, but in the mean time, here's the team's first impressions.  

Sophie Charara, reviewer

Google Glass

I've wanted to take photos with specs since I was 12 so today was a pretty awesome day for me – it felt like the world's techiest optician's appointment as I nervously got used to the touch and voice commands. On my own, I think me and Glass could get along nicely, I like the Hangouts video call view and Google Now cards but I'd never use it with a human in front of me. Plus does anyone else feel a bit dizzy now? 

Esat Dedezade, staff writer

Google Glass

Two minutes was too short a time to get a proper feel for Glass, but that little taste was enough to leave me craving more. It's deceptively light and I'd have no problem wearing it all day. Took me a while to get used to the touch controls and commands, but I was looking up KFC's secret recipe and The Rock's age in no time, though I'd still feel a little weird wearing it in public. Number one on my most wanted list for sure.

Mark Wilson, features editor

Google Glass

To start with, Glass felt like those oversized specs you get in an eye test. They were bigger than I was expecting and I had to squint a bit to read the head-up display. But the voice recognition worked flawlessly and taking a photo was easier than raising a camera to my face. Glass is very beta, but it's the most sci-fi beta I've tried in almost a decade at Stuff.

Stephen Graves, online deputy editor

Google Glass

Okay, let's get this out of the way – I look like Buzz Lightyear: Space Pillock in this thing. The awkwardness isn't helped by the fact that it struggles with my accent – it takes three tries to get Glass to Google "pictures of cats." Once I've got the hang of the swiping gesture controls, it feels very intuitive, though – and I could get used to having a floating information box in my field of vision. Not sure about the whole "nodding to switch it on" thing, though.

Luke Edwards, multimedia journalist

Google Glass

Oh no, I feel let down. It's great. Seriously. Light and comfy with a clear display and the voice recognition is the best I've ever seen. But I just felt a bit bored of it after two minutes. Maybe in a real world environment it'd be more useful. But not enough to make me go out feeling like a tit and being a grand poorer.

Paddy Smith, online editor

Google Glass

When I laughed the screen displayed "Hahahahahahaha." If only everyone thought I was that funny.