Stuff Choice: geeky vinyl

It's Record Store Day tomorrow. Hurrah! Celebrate by buying yourself some ultra-nerdy vinyl

1 Lazaretto

The rest of our list may be TV or film-related, but Jack White’s latest album has to be included here for pushing the boundaries: sides that play inside-out, dual intro grooves and even tracks hidden beneath the label. £20 (RM109) / emp-online.co.uk

2 Game of Thrones: Season 3

The TV show wouldn't be the same without its integral musical score from Grammy nominee Ramin Djawadi, printed on this seemingly blood spattered record. Definitely one to save. US$59 (RM215) / amazon.com

3 Transformers: The Movie

Is this the soundtrack from the original Transformers film on transparent electric blue vinyl, or is it a robot in disguise? And what about your record player? US$37 (RM135) / amazon.com

4 I Saved Latin!

Fans of one Wes Anderson film are generally fans of them all. This tribute album features accomplished covers of songs featured across his films from Rushmore to The Life Aquatic. US$24 (RM88) / alr-music.com

5 Guardians Of The Galaxy

With a cover featuring Starlord's own Awesome Mix Vol. 1 tape from the movie, this piece of vinyl contains one of the best movie soundtracks of all time. US$43 (RM157) / amazon.com

6 Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Edition

This marshmallow-scented, artwork-packed 30th anniversary edition features Ray Parker Jr’s best work, plus Run-DMC’s rap from the second film. £36 (RM196) / ghostbustersstore.com