Starters for ten: the new iOS 10 tricks you should try first

7) Master the new Control Center

The observant iUsers among you will have noticed the lack of music and volume controls when you fling up the Control Center from the bottom of your iPhone or iPad's screen. 

Fret not - the controls are still right there, at your fingertips, except they're hiding out of sight. Simply flick left on the Control Center panel, and you'll be greeted with the music and volume controls you know and love.

8) Raise to wake

Life's too short to waste time pressing buttons. Thankfully Apple has decided to save you previous seconds by letting your iDevice automatically turn on its screen when it detects that you've picked it up, letting you see your notifications or the time in an instant.

9) Slick Folder Animations

Yes, folder animations. You never realised how boring the old ones were until you see iOS 10’s slick folder opening skills.

Whereas before tapping a folder would simply fade in a grid of app icons (yawn), iOS folders embiggen themselves outwards in one smooth motion. Trust us, you’re going to be very impressed. Especially after a few pints.

10) Get with the Apple News

Apple news has had a much-needed facelift, and it's all the better for it, with some slick font changes and a simpler, less busy interface.

The new News widget is a pretty useful way at snacking on current events while you're out and about too, showing of three of the top stories of the day. Stories from your favourite gadget site too, by the way. Perhaps the one you're reading these very words on right now...