Starters for ten: the new iOS 10 tricks you should try first

4) Delete the Stocks app

We're going to go out on a limb and say you're not a massive FTSE trader who needs to check on their diversified stock portfolio on an hourly basis.

If our hunch is correct, you'll be relieved to hear that you can now finally delete Apple's previously immortal Stocks app from your iPhone - just get your apps wiggling at your command with a long press and delete as usual. 

This works for many of Apple's apps including Watch, iBooks and the new Home app, though we'd recommend keeping the latter around for smart home duties.

5) Behold the Maps Slider-Upperer

We're pretty sure this isn't the precise technical term for this particular feature, but Apple hasn't exactly give it an official name, so the Maps Slider-Upperer will do for now. We hope that's okay with you.

Essentially, slide up in Apple Maps, and you're treated to a whole host of handy shortcuts including one-tap buttons to take you home, or even to your parked car, as well as your more recent addresses and nearby places of interest. Simple, but effective.

6) Get ready for Bedtime

Your iPhone's noticed all that 3am Instagramming you do, so tucked away in the Clock app is a new Bedtime feature for helping you get some better kip.

Answer a few questions on your preferred sleep schedule and it'll give you a gentle nudge on when it's time to go to bed, and also slowly wake you with one of nine alarm sounds.

Below the nicely designed interface there's also a neat sleep analysis summary from the Health app, though for in-depth data you'll still want to use the likes of Sleep Cycle.