Starters for ten: the new iOS 10 tricks you should try first

A selection of the best software treats for your iDevice to sink its teeth into...

September is like Christmas for iPhones (and their proud parents), with a new version of iOS coming down the digital chimney and delivering a healthy platter of software treats.  

The trouble is, it's not always immediately obvious exactly where all of the new toys are hiding on your iPhone. So we've made this little iOS orienteering guide, pointing out some of the most interesting waypoints to visit on your way around Apple's zippy new operating system.

We'll no doubt unearth some more hidden treasure along the way, but these are the ten new features to wrap your thumbs around first...

1) Send a crazy iMessage

URLS are great and all - navigating the interwebs would be a nightmare without them - but boy, can they be ugly, especially when pasted into a message.

Thankfully the Messages app in iOS 10 is now clever enough to support rich previews, which pull in photos and videos from the sites that they link too - all of which can be viewed directly in the Messages app itself. Convenient, eh?

Not only that, but you can send stickers, add special background effects like fireworks and use supported apps directly in your chats too, such as sending someone your location using Citymapper.

2) Swipe for Today

iOS 10 comes bearing many gifts, and the Today widgets screen is one of its finer examples.

Swiping left on the home screen or lock screen provides a list of useful widgets including weather, news and your calendar.

You can expand these widgets to display more information, just as upcoming appointments or the weather forecast for the next day.

If you have any sensitive information - your Apple Health data for example, then you’ll have to scan your digits on the lock screen to reveal any sensitive info, which is a nice touch.

3) Rediscover 3D Touch

In iOS 10, 3D Touching certain icons now provides a rich preview. Press down on the News icon for example, and you’ll get snippets of the latest stories, which you can read right then and there.

While you’re only really getting a headline and a sentence or two, it should be enough to tempt you to click on through and read the whole article - or in the case of a Kardashian story, douse your iPhone in lighter fluid and find the nearest source of naked flames.