Sony’s new 4K Bravia TVs should be the next TV in your living room

Besides delivering clear 4K content, the new Sony Bravia TVs do more than that with some help from Android TV

That full HD TV you bought two years ago is turning obsolete faster than you can imagine.

Today, if you’re not on 4K, you’re missing out because this is the moment when ultra high definition (UHD) is readily available. That, and the growing trend of high dynamic range (HDR) capable TVs from the likes of Sony.

And you no longer have any reason to say it’s too early to adopt a 4K TV when all you get is full HD movies upscaled to 4K quality that isn’t true 4K. For one, the new range of Sony Bravia TVs, which consists of the X93D and X85D series, are both powered by Google’s open-source Android TV operating system. Which also means you get to stream content from Netflix, YouTube and the likes to the new Bravia TVs.

“We are working with popular streaming content partners like Netflix and YouTube, which means more consumers with get access to such content at their fingertips,” said Benjamin Ng, Sony’s regional head of its Bravia TV division. Considering that Netflix already has a good pool of 4K content, and even some like Marco Polo that’s filmed in HDR, Sony’s partnership with these content providers is the first step towards a higher adoption of 4K TVs.

Just having the content alone isn’t enough to raise the awareness of 4K TVs though. Sony Malaysia’s general manager, Hideyuki Wada, highlights that it takes a lot more, some of which are efforts led by Sony. “The growth in 4K tech is on the rise, and in Malaysia, we have an exciting lineup, doing seminar and roadshows to show how 4K HDR is better,” said Wada.

He also highlights that on the store front, Sony is sparing no effort in the 4K HDR demo, because seeing is believing and that’ll lead to more consumers taking notice of not just Sony’s new Bravia TVs but also the true value and beauty of 4K content.

But as with all content streaming, having good download speeds is paramount to the viewing experience. This is especially important for 4K streaming, though Wada notes that till now, there hasn’t been any specific feedback about this. “If there is any in the future, we will work on the solutions,” Wada assured us.

Content distribution has been quite efficient, and there’s been a growing group of consumers who view content on-the-go and find the speeds acceptable. “At home, where the environment is much more stable, 4K content won’t have much of a lag,” said Ng.

Sony’s new Bravia TVs, however, are more than just a pretty centerpiece in your living room that’s capable of 4K delivery. It represents the possibility of content sharing across interconnected devices. As it is, people are sharing content on portable devices, and to some extent, their laptops and TVs. All this is made possible with the use of Android TV, which Ng mentions is the best choice for Sony because Google consistently listens to consumer feedback. “There’s opportunities where we share content between fridges, air cons, security system at home and Android allows us to tap on that because it’s an open system,” said Ng.

But for all the efforts Sony is making to grow a burgeoning 4K market, one thing remains a challenge - the price point. “We have quite a number of lineup, each addressing a different customer segment. We have additional ranges like the X7000 and X7500 for customers looking for entry-level, internet-enabled TVs,” added Ng when he spoke of affordable options in the Bravia range.

Regardless, Wada reiterates that while pricing is one of the key focus, Sony’s focus is still on the customer. “Our mission is to deliver the best picture quality to consumers,” he said.

That seems to be exactly what Sony is doing for the year ahead. With the Sony Bravia X85D series 4K HDR TVs, the Android-powered TVs delivers colour accurate and strong contrast of HD, 4K and 4K HDR videos. If you’re in the market for a new 4K HDR TV, the X85D is now available, priced at RM7499 and RM10,999 for the 55in and 65in models.

But if you’re going for something better, you have a month to save up for the X93D series 4K HDR TV, available from June onwards.