Sony Xperia XZ Premium tips and tricks

Sound settings

Settings > Sounds > Audio settings

Endless audio settings to make an audiophile tear in ecstasy. Assuming you have the necessary equipment – high-end headphones, home cinema systems to clubs – the Xperia XZ Premium audio settings adjust the phone’s audio to meet all their standards.

Sony's always been good at music, and it stays true to their heritage. DSEE HX mode intelligently ups the quality of all music files by restoring the original high-range sound. The Xperia XZ Premium also boasts extensive equalizer settings to meet anyone’s music preferences, from simple adjustments like choosing your preferred genre, to in-depth tweaking with an in-built EQ board. 

What really impressed us were the Headphone surround settings that seem to tune the layers of sound in whatever track you throw at it in great detail. There are three modes available: studio, club and concert hall, and each sound distinct and uncannily natural. Couple this with good headphones and a good file (like Spotify on Extreme quality) and this feature will have all the tools it needs for an excellent listening experience. 

Smart backlight control

Many times, phones dim down or go on standby while still in your hands. You could just be distracted, talking to a friend, and just about to use your phone again, only to find out it’s locked itself. Pretty annoying, if you ask us.

Smart backlight control sorts this out once and for all by recognising it’s being held, so it doesn’t black out until you lock it, or put it down on a table. 

Camera settings


It’s almost as if Sony set themselves up; the camera app packs plenty of great features, but most aren’t active right out the box, and stowed away in a ninja settings icon at the corner of the app.

For the best of what the camera can do, be sure to click on the settings icon and bump up resolution to 19MP (4:3) for better images. You’ll also realise the long list of adjustments that can be made which could redeem your initial impression of the XZ Premium’s camera – which perhaps failed to impress.

On “Video”, click on the slow-mo capture icon on the right of the shutter – this grants you access to its own settings menu. You can adjust the slow-motion capture settings from here – you probably want the Super slow motion setting, to record in brilliant 960fps to impress your mates.

You may be wondering where the 4K recording feature is. It’s strangely tucked away in the “Camera apps”, along with AR effect, Panomora and others, as if not a key feature of the XZ Premium. Open 4K Video and you’ll be able to exploit that screen and camera in all its 4K glory. It’s something else.

You’re welcome, Sony.