Sony Xperia XZ Premium tips and tricks

Awaken the sleeping giant by discovering the tricks and features packed within

There’s a lot lying underneath the Sony Xperia XZ Premium that isn’t clear right out the box.

From its hidden camera functions to its extensive sound settings, it takes a great amount of time – and patience – to fully utilise this powerhouse of a phone. We’re saving you the trouble of finding out these features for yourself, so read on for the most important tweaks you need to make the most out of the Xperia XZ Premium. 

Sony assistant

Hidden at the bottom of Settings, the “Assist” is Sony’s way to welcome you to the Xperia experience. It’ll first ask you which phone you’re coming from, and fine-tune its instructions and guides to best suit your transition.

It’ll give you a checklist of things to complete to get your phone ready, and highlight important features to get you going, like its range of battery care features and other tips.

Clear and concise, this is the way to begin. 

Bump up the visuals

The Xperia XZ Premium has a long list of display settings to fully exploit that gorgeous 4K display. Head to Settings > Display > Quality to customise your viewing experience from more vibrant or realistic images.

There’s also White balance tweaking, to get the mix of colours most comfortable to the eye, and a Video image enhancement option to get your 4K videos popping. Don’t waste that 4K display! 

Battery care

Here’s a smart feature to safeguard your battery. Activate Battery Care and the Xperia XZ Premium will cleverly reduce the time that the device is spent charged over 90%. This is particularly helpful if you charge your phones for long hours overnight – pretty much about everyone.

It does this by studying your sleeping hours, and estimating when you tend you wake up, and when need your phone at full charge. So it prolongs the charge, and gets it at 100% slightly before you wake up for a healthier and longer lasting battery. Alternatively, you can key-in your sleeping patterns yourself.