Is the Sony XPERIA Touch the tech your family needs?

We find out if this neat new projector has what it takes to bring the family together

Tech that brings the family together – that’s the dream right?

Technology and information today are often consumed individually. In a family, we see the kids away at a corner with their iPads, while Dad’s at the desk typing away. It’s rarely interactive and collaborative.

The brand new Sony XPERIA Touch is here to change all that, to provide families and professionals with the option to work together with the help of this very unique device. We find out if this finally bridges the gap. 

What is the Sony XPERIA Touch?

This will perhaps need a bit of an introduction; the XPERIA Touch is a new interactive projector that turns any flat surface – from walls, floors, to table tops – into a 23” HD touchscreen. Using the current version of Android N, it’s basically the interface of your tablet projected on to a surface.

It can be adjusted back and forth to change the size of the screen. Inch it forward and the projection will expand up to 80” – bigger than your new OLED TV. There’s plenty of tech packed within as well, with stereo speakers and sensors that detect up to 10 contact points for group usage. 

Entertainment for the kids

This may just be the tech that finally brings your squabbling kids together.

Turn your table into an arcade; that game the kids were fighting over on the iPad – load it up on the XPERIA Touch and let them share it on the larger display. Introduce them to multiplayer games like Fruit Ninja or Hockey for even more collaborative fun. Little too old for all that? Imagine unleashing hell on Mobile Legends or Clash of Clans, but on a big 23" screen. 

Set it up vertically, load up Netflix or YouTube, and you leave the kids entertained with their new cinema zone. It’s also worth noting that parents can enjoy greater control over the media their kids consume, as they can’t be hidden away in a corner with their device, but this is as transparent as it gets.

The projector is fully mobile as well, so unplug it and take it around the house to wherever the party calls. It’s also Bluetooth enabled. Hook it up with a portable speaker and blow the roof off.